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Motion Graphics can be a powerful tool for explaining a product or service through the use of simple animations and creative typography. At Loco we work closely with you to ensure that your motion graphics best represent you and your brand.

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Explainer Videos

From simple concepts to complicated issues and everything in between, explainer videos are a great way for you to tell customers more about your business or product using characters, animations and typography.

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Product Promos

If you’re in the business of promoting or selling products then you need the best marketing material available to maximise visibility. Product promos are great way to get eyes on your product, whether it’s a taxi app or coffee bags you’re selling – we can create enaging videos for all types of companies.

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Social Media Videos

The power of social media to influence peoples buying habits and perception of your brand is undeniable. Companies not utilising this as a tool for communicating core messaging, deals, seasonal content or even just saying hello to their customers are missing out. While tools like Canva are great, there’s no substitute for actual designers and years of experience. We can help create targeted and on-brand content for your social media channels without breaking the bank.

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Compiling data into meaningful graphs and explaining statistics using powerpoints can be a huge pain as most of us know. Infographic videos can be a great way to deliver sometimes boring and mundane information in an engaging and animated way. Whether it’s a financial report or a overview of your entire business, infographics are a worthwhile invesment and can save you time and money.

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